We belong to a group of companies that have been leading providers of various power back-up devices and other electronic products for the past 12 years. We are now using our expertise of power-back up to meet the emerging needs of mobile consumers.

Smartphones and other gadgets are part of our life now. There is only one issue holding us back – limited battery or power back up provided by these devices which is far less than the desired capacity. To bridge this gap, we have launched a new series of sleek, elegant and portable products called PEBBLE POCKET CHARGERS that will provide power back up to all your smartphones and other devices anywhere, anytime, so that you may never run out of battery again especially while on the go.

‘Pebble’ signifies something small and powerful that can easily fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. The brand focuses on the perfect blend of quality and design, providing maximum convenience and satisfaction to consumers.


Power Backup SpecialistsPower Back-up Specialists

As a company, our core-competency has always been providing power-back up devices to consumers, and we have leveraged this knowledge and expertise of ours to bring you products of top-notch quality.

Large Range to Suit Every NeedLarge Range

We offer a full range of pocket chargers that you can choose from, varying in design, color, size, capacity etc.

Quality AssuranceQuality is most important to us

We know how much you love your gadgets. We do too. So we only let the best quality chargers anywhere near them. So should you.

We deliver what we promisePromise

Many similar products that are available in the market claim or print a high battery capacity on the package, even though the real capacity is far less than that. We don’t do that. We write the real capacity on our products.