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Pebble announced the launch of JukeBox for music lovers who can flaunt it on their palm, shove it in their pocket or fasten it on their rucksack.



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The Unbiased Blog

Pebble, an Indian company that makes power bank and other accessories today announced a brand new portable Bluetooth speaker called Jukebox in India.


The Mobile Indian

the Bluetooth speaker consists of a 10W speaker and one can connect the external memory card to listen to his/her favourite music.


PC Quest

The cylindrical-shaped speaker is wireless as well as Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Available in playful mix of red and blue, Pebble Storm is the best device under its…


Mobility India

Pebble, a pioneer in power banks and branded mobile accessories in India today announced the launch of Storm, a multi functional speaker designed to create the…



“The Pebble Sport is a budget pair of headphones with up to five hours of battery life”


Say goodbye to tangles and loose wires on your wretched in-ears, for Pebble’s wireless in-ear headphone could be your new ear-friend.


This is exclusively for audiophiles and fitness freaks who look for a comfortable but good performing headphone for their need.


Product Review


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A full page coverage to Pebble Jukebox by My Mobile Magazine. The article speaks about product specs & features.


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Jukebox featured in Sunday Guardian. The article speaks about product launch, its specs & features..


for Sound on the go! – What Hi-Fi

Coverage to Pebble Jukebox by the world’s largest selling home entertainment magazine

financial Express

Storm Review by Financial Express

A full page coverage to Pebble Storm by Financial Express. The article speaks about product specs & features.


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Pebble Sport featured in Sunday Guardian. The article speaks about product launch, its specs & features..

Techook-Logo (1)

Headphones for fitness enthusiasts – Techook

Pebble Sport stylish wireless headphone launched with fitness enthusiasts in mind. It boasts of in-ear hooks that are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.