Pebble 15000 mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank PB55

 3,490  2,199

15000 mAh

Ultra-Slim Power Bank

Dual USB ports and premium Li-Poly battery cells encased in a Premium casing

The high-capacity power bank provides more charges and does it way faster. You need not worry about sharing it with your friends. We also added a second USB output so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously, but we did it without compromising on the size. All of this, now in the sleek body of the pebble 15000mAh Power Bank.

Flaunt your Style


Sure, the Pebble Quick does whatever the best powerbanks are built to do. But it goes beyond that and impresses you with the sleek design. This portable and slim powerbank is made to be carried anywhere you want to take it. The LED indicators for indicating the charge status makes it only look better.

  • 5full charges for iPhone 6
  • 2.5full charges for iPad mini


A punch that is unmatched


Pebble Quick comes with an astonishingly powerful 15,000 mAh battery. What does that mean? Well, no more recharging the power bank every other day. Once pumped up, the Pebble Quick stays with you for an entire week.

Portable Charger for phones, Tablets, Cameras & Ipods


One device to charge them all, Compatible with all iOS and Android devices.


Pebble Quick comes with 2 USB output ports, which means you can charge multiple devices at the same with. Talk about smart!

LED display to show charge status


Designed with LED display to determine the remaining capacity of powerbank.


We know how sensitive your gadgets could be to damage, which is why Pebble Quick comes with built-in safety features. These include protection against short-circuit, over-charging, voltage fluctuation and over-discharging.

Just the right amount of power


The Pebble Ultra holds a punch of 15000 mAh, which is more than enough to completely juice up all your devices.

General Specifications
Material Polymer
Net Weight 250g
Input DC 5V-2A
Output DC 5V-2.1A
Size 125*67*15 mm
Warranty 6 Months Replacement Guarantee
Model PB55
Number of USB ports 2
Dimension 15 X 70 X138MM
Power Capability 15000mAh