Pebble 2in1 USB Cable

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USB Cables might be as old as you could remember, but their utility is far from over. With innumerable devices relying on USB connectivity and more adding every day, it is only natural that we must also up the game. This is why Pebble brings to you the Pebble PUCD10, the USB Cable that is no less than a rockstar.

Works well with everyone and everywhere


The Pebble PUCD10 is compatible with all Micro USB devices, making it the enough to be used along any device with Micro USB capability. Not just this, the Pebble PUCD10 is also compatible with all iPhones and iPads. This just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Not all the good things are round


The Pebble PUCD10 goes for Flat Cables instead of round ones, and this solves a lot of your woes. For once, you no longer have to worry about untying the knots of your cable. For another, the flat cable ensures enhanced ability for stretch and strength, which means your cable is going to last longer, no matter how you use it.





Quick to charge


The Pebble PUCD10 works upon the Quick charge technology found in all Pebble devices, which is why it can charge your devices really fast, allowing as high as 2.1 A. No more standing in front of the socket to get back using your device; Pebble makes everything faster.

The blazing data speed


Speed has many aspects, and the Pebble PUCD10 seeks to cover all of them. The USB Cable is designed to allow high-speed transfer through it, thereby saving you a lot of time. The days where you used to sit across an entire episode to transfer a mere 1TB a long gone. Fast is the new sexy.

So long, my friend


The Pebble PUCD10 has a maximum length of 1m, which is more than enough for whatever use you might want to put it up against. The length, alongside the durability, makes up for an impressive combination.

Cable Length 1 mtr
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
USB Charger
Model PUCD10
Material Copper Wire