Pebble 6000 mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank PB33

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The high-capacity power bank provides more charges and does it way faster. You need not worry about sharing it with your friends. We also added a second USB output so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously, but we did it without compromising on the size. All of this, now in the sleek body of the pebble 6000mAh Power Bank.

Design that seduces


Pebble Ultra is the literal definition of the word "sleek". The slim powerbank can easily fit inside your pocket and can be carried around anywhere. Portability at its finest. The digital display to show the charge status adds to the charm.

Portable Charger for phones, Tablets, Cameras & Ipods


One device to charge them all, Compatible with all iOS and Android devices.


Time is of the essence


Charging your device on the go is good, but charging quickly is even better. The Pebble Ultra comes with the Quick Charge technology that allows you to charge your phone in almost no time.

LED display to show charge status


Designed with LED display to determine the remaining capacity of powerbank.


Just the right amount of power


For those who only need powerbanks in case of emergencies, this is a perfect device. The Pebble Ultra holds a punch of 6000 mAh, which is more than enough to completely juice up your phone.

General Specifications
Material Polymer
Net Weight 180g
Input DC 5V-2A
Output DC 5V-2.1A
Size 125*67*15 mm
Warranty 6 Months Replacement Guarantee
Model PB33
Number of USB ports 2
Dimension 15 X 70 X138MM
Power Capability 6000mAh & 22.2wH