Pebble Chime Earphones

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Our faithful partners for a long, long time, earphones are nothing short of a friend we need- one that could provide us with all the bliss and none of the drama. Pebble Chime promises to strengthen that friendship with features, trust and much more.

Pure music and nothing else


The Balance and Quality of Pebble Chime promise a crystal clear sound that amplifies your music experience. There is no reduction in the sound quality, while the bass is even better than the original. The Noise-cancellation of Chime cancels out any external sound from coming between you and your favorite song.

Talk while you walk


The Pebble Chime comes with an Inbuilt Microphone, which enables you to have Hands-free Calling without needing to pull out your mobile. The position of the microphone is also just appropriate, so that you don’t have to shout like crazy in order to be heard. Now that's quite convenient.


Comfort is everything


The soft ear buds of Pebble Chime are made to never trouble your ears, while the shape fits perfectly inside your ears like it were made just for them. When you are going to spend your entire day with something, better go with the ones that are cozy. We fit the bill right away.

Control your groove


The in-line volume control in the Pebble Chime allows you to control the volume of your music/call without unnecessarily pulling out your phone. Convenience means everything, right?

The light in the darkness


The Pebble Chime does something your desperately needed- enabling you to find your earphones even at night. The Glow-in-the-dark cable of Chime allows you to see the earphones in the darkest situations, whenever you need them. Oh, and it also looks super cool when you go out for a music + walk at night. Brownie points to you!

General Specifications
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model Pebble Chime
Cable Length 120cm
Impedance 32ohm
Frequency response 20HZ TO 20KHz
Dimension 14.8 mm
Rated Power 5mw
Sensitivity 110dB +/- 5dB