Pebble Chord Pro – In-Ear wired Earphones

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No journey will ever be complete without good music, and no music is melodious enough without good earphones. But since every one claims their earphone to be the best, how do you judge? Well, you simply look at Pebble Chord Pro and come to the conclusion that nothing beats it. With a seductive design and unmatched sound quality, our earphones speak for themselves. In a single earphone, you get the best looks, best features and best sound; in short, it is an offer you simply don’t refuse.

Balanced and Crystal-clear sound


Do you remember the times when earphones used to incline towards the right or the sound was erratic? You won't, if you are using Pebble Chord Pro. The balanced sound is just perfect on both the sides, while the music is as clear as the water from the Himalayas.

Free your hands


We realize that holding your phone while talking could be so irritating, which is why Pebble Chord Pro comes with in-built microphone. Now talk while you walk, keeping your hands free for more important stuff.

Comfort is the aim


Even the best sound quality would be useless if the earphone bother your ears. We recognize this flaw, which is why Pebble Chord Pro comes with ear buds that are too comfortable for their own good. Plug in and get lost in the world of music.

Utilities to ease your life


Pebble Chord Pro comes with in-line volume control, so that you have better control over your musical experience. The earphones also come with a carry case, so no more stuffing the earphone in random spots.

Hard and Soft at the same time


The Pebble Chord Pro comes with a cable that is sturdy and durable enough to handle most of the pressures. Yet, it is soft enough to not bother you at all.

General Specifications
Input 10mW
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model Pebble Chord
Cable Length 120cm
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency response 20HZ TO 20KHz
Driver 10mm 6μ
Dimension 14.8 mm
Rated Power 5mw
Sensitivity 110dB +/- 5dB