Pebble Matrix VR

 2,990  1,299

There is a world beyond the world you live in, one that is full of possibilities you never thought about.  The gates to wonderland open with the VR headset. Yes, the future is already here, and Pebble brings to you the Pebble Matrix, a device that is futuristic even by the most extravagant standards.

The dimensions like you never saw


It has been a while since you must have seen your first 3D movie. But imagine a world inside your own world, which is artificial yet real. This is what Pebble Matrix offers you, with its special inbuilt 43mm long focal length lens which is of military quality. When you want to experience something, experience it in a way that would remain unmatched.

All directions are yours to command


The Pebble Matrix comes with a wide angle lens that allows you to capture 360-degree Panaromic views. Your field of vision is not going to be a restriction anymore while enjoying the thrilling experiences of virtual reality.

Works well with everything


We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to smartphones. This is why the Pebble Matrix is compatible with every device, be it OS (Windows or Android) or screen size (3.5 inches to 6-inches).


Your comforts, our priority


Even the best VR devices are useless if they make you uncomfortable. Hence, Pebble Matrix was designed to be ergonomically comfortable and comes along with adjustable straps. Just sit back, relax, and explore the world of VR.


Our vision to match yours


Different people are made differently, each with specific needs. We want to be there for everyone; hence Pebble Matrix comes along with an Adjustable Lens Focus feature, which could be suited to every eye.

General Specifications
Material ABS + PC
Net Weight 317 g
Warranty 6 Months replacement Guarantee
Model Pebble Matrix