Pebble Nylon Braided Lightning Cable – 2 Meter

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If you are an Apple user, you know what being a 'class apart" means. While the world is happy with USB cables, you would require something specifically made for you. Thus, there are lightning cables. The prototype cables are much more powerful than traditional cables, but also difficult to find the right one. To solve your woes, pebble brings you the right one: the PNCL20 Lightning cable.

A taste for every Apple


The PNCL20 Lightning cable is a 8-pin chip cable which makes it compatible to with every latest Apple device, from the iPhone 6 to the iPod 7th Gen.

Tough but easy


The nylon coating ensures that the cables are tough and durable, but sleek at the same time. The 9mm aluminum coating allows you to easily plug in the cable, without any hassle.

Everything is in a jiffy


Time is of the essence, so the Quick Charge technology of pebble ensures everything is fast for you. With the Lightning cable, you can charge you gadget with minimum time, thus saving you a lot of it. Additionally, the PNCL20 Lightning cable ensures fast data transfer, allowing you to move tons of data in no time.

Longer than the Wall of China


The 2-meter length of PNCL20 Lightning cable is absolutely insane! You can now plug into your device and move about your room freely, without worrying about the cable running short. It is never going to run short.

General Specifications
Net Weight 82g
Cable Length 2 Meter
Current up to 2.4 A
USB 3.0