Pebble Nylon Braided Micro-USB Cable – 2 Meter

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Our life revolves around our gadgets. Each serve a different purpose, but in the end, they are fit together for a singular objective: your leisure. For this, there has to be a medium that could connect them to each other. This is why we have USB cables.

But are all USB cables the same? No. Most are meant only for one utility, but some go beyond and serve you in more than one ways. The proper term for them would be "better". Or alternatively, 'Pebble". The Pebble PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is surely one of those.

As beautiful as bold


Strength is not always the only thing one looks for; beauty counts too. This is why the PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is made with a beautiful design, which is elegant, tangle-free and comes in 4 vibrant colors. Cool, eh?

Quick to charge


Nobody has time to sit around and wait for stuff, which is why the Quick Charge technology of Pebble is a lifesaver. The solid copper wire enables fast charging, while the AWG twisted cables ensures no interference in the signals.

Tough as a nail


Cables go through a lot, which is they do not live to see the old age. Well, not true for Pebble. The PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is covered with nylon fiber cloth sheathing, which is much more durable than normal plastic or PVC. It ensures a durability that is unmatched.

Universal Compatibility


The PNCM20 MicroUSB is compatible with all Android phones, tablets and any kind of PC. Now that's called Universal Appeal..

Too long, too popular


The PNCM20 MicroUSB Cable is 2-meter long, which is more than enough for all your needs. No need of having to sit close for doing the tasks; roam around freely, the cable would follow.

General Specifications
Cable Length 2 mtr
Current up to 2.4 A
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
USB 2.0