Pebble OTG Pendrive

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Data transfer is one of the basic necessities in the digital world, and there are a few parameters to decide how good it is. Fast, convenient and efficient, these are just some of the few factors, and the Pebble OTG Pen Drive stands true to all of them.  This device is the only pen drive you might need.

As big as your heart


The Pebble OTG Pend drive comes with storage capacity variants of 8GB and 16GB. It is large enough to carry all your important stuff and your dose of entertainment, *simultaneously*. Cool, eh?

Your smartphone has a friend now


Creating backups is as messy as it is important. Cloud is not always the option and USB cables are not always handy. The solution is the Pebble OTG right here. Just plug into your smartphone, and create backups or store as much data as you want. No need of installation each time you plug in, or waiting for the insufferable speed of Bluetooth sharing. Piece of cake!


Sharing is caring


Yes, wireless sharing is all the craze today, but don't you miss the good old days of sharing pen drives with your friends? Well, time to get nostalgic. With the Pebble OTG, you can simply plug-in and share data between mobiles and laptops/PCs, wherever and whenever you want.


Made for on-the-move


Being slim is the rage today, which is why Pebble OTG comes with a sleek design. The lightweight device is too easy to carry, which means data sharing is always an option, wherever you go. We are here to keep making things simplified for you.


General Specifications
Material Aluminum
Net Weight 11 g
Dimension 69.5x17.8x8.5 mm
USB USB 2.0, supported by all OTG smartphones and Tablets (Android 4.0 and above