Pebble Pico – Smallest 10,000 mAh powerbank

 2,750  1,599


Palm Size Compact Design


Fuel your device with a palm sized powerbank from Pebble.It's so compact , you won't believe it actually holds 10,000 mAh.


Astonishingly Small


Smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball, Pebble Pico sets the new industry standard with its size-to-capacity ratio.

Experience the Speed you never had



Quickly put life back into all your devices with Pebble Pico. It Offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with upto 2.1A output. Pebble Pico also comes with dual-USB output with which you can charge two devices at same time

Seamlessly Light 

Weighs as little as an apple (250g) yet charges the iPhone 7 almost 2.5 times

Smart Capacity Indicator


Digital display indicator let you know exactly how much power is left inside.

Pebble, you can trust and rely on


Pebble Pico is made from high quality material. The core consists of an advanced high-voltage Lithium-Polymer battery that undergoes the same quality control as the iPhone's own battery. for quality you can trust and rely on, look no further

Portable Charger for phones, Tablets etc


One device to charge them all, Compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

General Specifications
Net Weight 250g
Input DC 5V-2A
Output DC 5V-2.1A
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model PPC100BUC(N)
Number of USB ports 2
Dimension 10.5*7*2.2
Plug USB
Power Capability 10,000 mAH
USB 2.0