Pebble 1 USB Wall Charger

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Chargers are perhaps one of the most neglected devices, even though without them even the best of smartphones will remain dead. We lose it, we damage it, and then we run about searching for alternatives. But since you are smarter than most, you need a smart device. Pebble brings you the XXX Smart USB charger, the one device to juice up all your devices.



Nobody has enough time today, so your device needs to be smart enough to save time. Pebble PWC11 employs the Ultra-fast charging technology that enables the 1A charging port to pump up your devices faster than you could imagine.

Precaution is better than Cure


A small mishap could disable even the best of devices, and maybe much worse than that. This is why Pebble PWC11 makes safety as the top priority. The in-built fuse and the multiple circuit protection give the best protection to the device and your smartphone, in case of unwanted situations.


Works everywhere, no worries


You never know where life will lead you, so it is better to go for the safer options. Pebble knows this, which is why Pebble PCW11 works on a power supply of AC 100-240V, which is compatible with almost every place throughout the world. Travel without worries, we will take care of your power needs.


Can take more than a punch


Yes, we should handle our stuff with care, but life is too short to be always cautious. Well, don't fret, because your device is made of stronger stuff. The PCW11 is made up of PC ABS Plastic, which is tough enough to endure almost anything you can throw at it. The fact that it is Fire-retardant only makes it better.

General Specifications
Material PC ABS
Input AC100-240V
Output DC5V/1A(max) 5W
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model PWC11
Number of USB ports 1