Pebble Ultra Slim 10000mAh Power Bank PB44

 2,750  1,699

10000 mAh

Li-Polymer Power Bank

Ultra Slim . 4 USB outputs . In-Built C-Type & Micro USB Cable

Imagine being stranded in a place all alone, with the battery of your phone about to die. In today's digital world, this could well be your worst nightmare. Phone manufacturers continue to boast of increased battery life, but the truth is- it is never enough. At the end of the day, you need a good power bank. To be precise, you need Pebble Ultra Slim.


Apart from its powerful 10,000 mAh battery, Pebble Ultra Slim comes with multiple ports and an impressive, sleek design with inbuilt micro USB and C-type Cables. It tough to resist it once you have used it.

One for all, all for one


Our life is all around gadgets, and all of them need power. It would be such a hassle to carry a separate power source for each of them. Pebble Ultra Slim goes the smart way, by supporting phone, cameras, tablets and iPods. One device to charge them all.


  • 3.2full charges for iPhone 6
  • 1full charges for iPad mini 2


Get work done in a blink


Patience is a rare virtue, and we completely understand that. This is why Pebble Quick comes with the Quick Charge Technology and a 2.4A output port. Now get your devices pumped up without wasting any time.

Portable Charger for phones, Tablets, Cameras & Ipods


One device to charge them all, Compatible with all iOS and Android devices.


Even the coolest devices can fall and prove to be a hazard. Well, not the Pebble Ultra Slim. The power bank comes with failsafe against short circuit, over-charging and over-discharging. Use it at your leisure, without worrying about any mishaps.

Design to impress


Sure, the Pebble Quick does whatever the best powerbanks are built to do. But it goes beyond that and impresses you with the sleek design. This portable and slim powerbank is made to be carried anywhere you want to take it. The LED indicators for indicating the charge status makes it only look better.


Pebble 10,000 huge power is squeezed into a pocket-sized body that is ready to go anywhere you do. It’s the perfect partner whenever, and wherever you need to charge.

Special Wire-Free Design


If you ever forgot your cable when hanging out or experienced a cable mess in your bag, “What a headache!” you may have been speaking more literally than you realized. Now, with Pebble power bank, you can simply get rid of this awkward moment as it comes with 2 built-in cables, one for your Micro-USB one for your type-c device. Share power with all your friends by pluging four devices into this single Battery Charger, enjoy best times with friends.

We know how sensitive your gadgets could be to damage, which is why Pebble Quick comes with built-in safety features. These include protection against short-circuit, over-charging, voltage fluctuation and over-discharging.

General Specifications
Material Li-Poly
Net Weight 150g
Input DC 5V-2A
Output DC 5V-2.4A
Size 7*70*135 mm
Warranty 6 Months Replacement Guarantee
Model PB44
Number of USB ports 4
Dimension 7*70*135 mm
Power Capability 10000mAh & 37wH