Pebble Wave Headphones


When you are looking for a headphone that is light and does the job right, Pebble jumps in with Pebble Wave; a device that packs all the goodness of a classic headphone. It is light, it is stylish, it is comfortable, and it is probably better than you wished for.

The groove you craved


With its enchanting Stereo HD sound, get ready to groove to the sound which is clear as the day. The Pebble Wave supports Surround Sound like an amphitheater, and you get to enjoy the most amazing sounds right on the move.

So cozy, it feels right at home


If your ears miss the cozy ear muff you wore in winters, the Pebble Wave is a straight-up reminiscence of those times. We ask you, what is better than a great headphone? Yes, a great and comfortable headphone. You are welcome.


Travel to a world of music without getting disturbed


Music makes you forget the world, but this might get a bit difficult with the horde of unpleasant sounds in the surroundings. This is not the case with Pebble Wave, which uses the Active Noise Control technology to cancel out the noise via miniature microphones that absorbs the ambient noise. Your private world of music will remain undisturbed.


Portable, anytime and anywhere


With a weight of mere 100g, the Pebble Wave is as light as the waves. With absolutely no unnecessary parts attached, the Pebble Wave is as handy and portable as you could imagine. Take it on your bike or carry it on the subway; the Wave can ride along comfortably in every situation.



General Specifications
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee
Model Pebble Wave
Cable Length 1.2 土 0.15m
Impedance 32ohm+15%
Frequency response 20-20,000Hz
Impedance 32 Ω 土 15%
Dimension 40mm
Plug 3.5mm
Power Capability 100mW
Sensitivity 94dB