Pebble PowerShare - Z (for iPhones)


Pebble PowerShare - Z (for iPhones)

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6 Months Replacement Guarantee

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Charge from one phone to another

Easily transfer battery charge from one phone to another

A Tiny yet Powerful Gizmo

Carry it in a keychain, keep it in your wallet, or slide it in your pocket. As small as a pen drive.

Power Output

Power can be taken from any phone/tablet that is OTG Enabled (except iPhone)

Power Input

Power can be given to any mobile or tablet (including iPhones, use the iphone connector included in the package)

Tech Specs


5.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.5cm


Micro USB Input & Output, iPhone Output

Input Output Voltage and Current

Same as that of the phones connected.

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Workmanship and Materials Defects under Ordinary.

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6 Months Replacement Guarantee

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

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